Heart of a Veteran

10 Veterans telling their life stories from WWII to the current war on terrorism

Heart of Veteran started when Jordan Holwell, a Licensed Massage Therapist, who works with many veterans in her practice and sits on the Board of Hope and Promise EAP (equine assisted psychotherapy program), heard story after amazing story of true heroism, struggles, heartbreak and courage. She has seen veterans pull themselves out of incredibly dark places and go on to do brilliant things with their lives; and she felt that these brave men and women needed to tell their stories.

She started this project in August of 2015, and she has compiled the life stories of 10 veterans who have co-authored the book, each one writing a chapter. It covers all branches of the military and wars and conflicts from WW2 to Operation Enduring Freedom. The book is scheduled to be released mid March, and all proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Brothers In Arms Foundation and US Veterans Foundation.

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